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Urban | Landscape | Recreation

2019, Zonguldak  TR

total design area : 4.600 m²

Nergis Park is a central focal point located at the intersection of Bulent Ecevit Avenue and Gazi Pasa Avenue. Currently, it is an urban residual that does not respond to use. The main objectives of the design are including this area in the daily life of the city people, to contribute to the green space reserve of the city and to create a space for all age groups. Park entrances are given through Bülent Ecevit Street, Gazi Paşa Street and İstasyon Street where the bus stops are located. Structurally, there is a kiosk, elderly center and a barrier-free living center, while the rest of the area is reserved for recreation as well as a children's playground, water elements and green areas. As an alternative for general pedestrian circulation, a continuous walking route within the green areas along the park has been defined. It was preferred to keep the elderly center, masjid and toilets close to the stops on Istasyon Avenue in terms of availability. On the entrance axis on Istasyon Avenue, there is a bicycle parking place designed for cycling users. In addition, a 350 m² playground designed as sheltered is designed. The resting areas are spread over the general layout of the park. The bus stop is located close to Gazi Pasa Avenue, the kiosk is surrounded by water elements and green areas, and is thought to serve as an outdoor seating area and park.


The part of the city, which is currently idle and unused, will be transformed into a valuable area that contributes to the urban life and the reserve of green space with the urban park project.

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