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Mimlab is an Istanbul based architecture office established in 2018 by five co-founders who are carrying a wide range of knowledge and experimentations in different scales of architectural and urban design. It accomplishes several projects in various fields of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior architecture as well as construction and controlling. The office is centralized on the main objective of designing innovative and sustainable projects that respond to the user’s needs by evaluating each project within its own design context.


With its collective working style, Mimlab eagerly follows a progressive and adaptive view point focusing on the timelessness and uniqueness of each project by incorporating typological variety in a holistic watch stem. In the design of the natural and built environment in different scales, the office is carried out by examining the relationship between human scale and design criteria. In this sense, it closely follows architectural and urban design competitions and participates in competitions with its dynamic team.


Mimlab seriously considers several aspects of the era such as global warming, energy efficiency, water policy and smart city approaches which are the main concerns of our recent time. Within the scope of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture, it aims to develop design proposals that are sustainable, respectful to the nature and supporting energy efficiency.


  • Beyyoglu Panora Shopping Mall Retail Store; Ankara | 2019

  • Lavuar Area Urban Design Project; Zonguldak | 2019

  • Youth Center Architectural Design Project; Zonguldak | 2019

  • Nergis Park Urban Design Project; Zonguldak | 2019

  • Ladies’ Beach Design Project; Zonguldak | 2019

  • Lüleburgaz Municipality Korean War Memorial Area & Visitor Center Architectural Competition | 2019

  • Geyikli Thermal Hotel & Resort Architectural Design and Landscape Project; Canakkale | 2018

  • Çanakkale Municipality Bazaar & Living Center Architectural Project Competition - Participant | 2018

  • Ayot Exchange; Istanbul | Grand Bazaar | 2018

  • Collezione Pendorya Shopping Mall Retail Store; Istanbul | Pendik | 2018

  • Loft Pendorya Shopping Mall Retail Store; Istanbul | Pendik | 2018

  • Tosbaga River Recreation Area Competition - Participant | 2018

  • Ilbank Neighborhood Design Idea Competition - Equivalent 1st Prize | 2017

  • Karabaglar Town Square Design Competition - Participant | 2017

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