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Urban | Landscape | Re-use | Recreation

2019, Zonguldak  TR

total design area : 24.700 m²

Lavuar area is an important industrial area where the two important axes of the city are located at the intersection of Milli Egemenlik and Bülent Ecevit Avenue. Zonguldak, known as ''Karaelmas diyarı'', became one of the first cities to begin the process of industrialization with coal production and thus formed the basis of its economy and shaped urban memory around this industry. The project area is the focus point of this important urban memory with 3 coal silo towers and coal washing facilities such as underground silos.

The fact that Lavuar area with these historical values, located in a very center of the city and in a lively point, can be used as a part of the city that will serve the public uses has been seen as an important potential for Zonguldak and it has been considered as a holistic approach in terms of the protection-use balance. This potential has been seen as a contribution to the cultural and social values of the city center, which can be an solution for the transportation problems in the city center and which contain the vital spaces that can contribute to the daily life of the city dwellers. It has been the main decision of the project design to create a new urban focal point by sustaining the collective memory and supporting. In order to emphasize the industrial structures and to maintain the continuity of the pedestrian, the orientations of the existing structures shaped the main axes of the park. Around the main axis, the various is designed that will respond to the city's recreational area needs. The towers have been considered as a viewing terrace due to their view potential, and a wide range of activity meadows have been created in their surroundings, thus providing an event cycle that can be used day and night. The youth center is designed to integrate with the open event space. On the axis extending from the towers to the underground silos, an open exhibition area was considered in order to make the memory of the city traceable and publicized by the visitors. In an exhibition area called  memorial wall, photographs of coal production process are shown. The city square is considered to be a important point supported by green amphitheater, dry pool and activity axis, recreation areas and mobile sports areas. The gridal underground silos on the axis leading from the square to the secondary pedestrian entrance were considered as a botanical garden which provides the possibility of circulation with steel structures in terms of responding to the continuity of the pedestrian way. The elderly center is located on the secondary pedestrian entrance side, close to the city center and bus stops.

It is aimed to become a new cultural and social focal point of urban life with its many historical places and cultural potential due to its central location.

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