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Urban | Landscape | Beach | Recreation

2019, Zonguldak  TR

total design area : 21.000 m²

The beach project is an area with a very sloping land located on Milli Egemenlik Avenue.

Although there is no structural solution to respond to the challenging nature of the topography conditions, it is an alternative recreational area used by the city residents and close to the city. As a design decision, it was seen as a priority to make these conditions more suitable for users. The entrance to the area was given via Milli Egemenlik Avenue and this entrance was terminated with an open car park of 30 vehicles. At the top level, restaurant-café designed to appeal to beach users.

It is surrounded by a sheltered children's playground and a covered outdoor seating area, which is mostly used in summer. From the upper elevation of the land, stair and ramp systems for landing on the beach were run together. An elevator which descends from the restaurant level to the beach level is located for disabled users. At the beach level, a structure with showers and toilets is designed to provide the basic user needs. As an alternative to the top restaurant, a beach café and an open area are designed at the beach level. In order to ensure the safety of beach use, two lifeguard towers have been proposed.

With this project, which aims to make inclined land conditions suitable for the users to be able to use the potential of being a city located at the seaside, the area has been transformed into a field that can contribute to the touristic and social life.

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