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The Niğde City Park Project is located on the Niğde-Adana Highway, close to the fringing field of the city. The 146,000m² area which is limited to the surrounding memorial forests has the size of both the recreation area of ​​new settlements and the urban park. As a general design approach, it is aimed to create a living part of the city with its functions that can appeal to the urban areas of all ages while contributing to the green space continuity and the qualified use reserve of the city. Since access to the site is provided by two main highway, open car park entrances are provided from both north-west and south-east fronts, and the general circulation of the park is constructed by pedestrian, bicycle and service roads. Park's design scheme is formed by 3 layers which are general circulation arrangement, recreation and function areas and vegetative decisions. The two main entrances are interconnected by a service way that also serves the structural functions of the park. The pedestrian paths have an organic form spread across the whole park. The intersection points of this circulation scheme are divided into programs such as restaurants, cafes, children's play areas, urban gardens, sports areas, picnic areas, market area, recreation areas and adventure park which serve recreation and structural functions. Because of the park is between the two main roads, the wall area is considered as the buffer zone. As a planting decision, endemic plants specific to the region were preferred.


The area, which has an important potential due to the development of the city, has been considered and designed as a component of living green city that can serve the whole city.


Urban | Landscape | Recreation

2018, Niğde TR

total design area : 146.000 m²

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