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Urban | Landscape | Recreation | Reclamation | Competition

2018, Lüleburgaz  TR

total design area : 650.000 m²

The Tosbaga Dere Recreation Area is an important urban part of the city that has remained in conflict with the countryside. It is one of the stream beds connecting the city with Ergene. In addition, it is an urban character with the feature of being a public green space that separates the urban fabric within the future development scenario. When we look at the dynamic elements in and around the urban border, the typology of this recreation area, which runs along a strip, changes at regular intervals. When classified in this respect, there are four characteristic typologies. The first of these is the area which is located on the axis of the Luleburgaz Yildizlar Art Academy and is considered as the Cultural Focus closest to the core of the city of Luleburgaz. The second is 'Urban Activity Focus' which is located between the dense housing texture in the zoning scenario. The second is 'Urban Activity Focus' which is located between the dense housing texture in the zoning scenario. The third is ‘’Rural-Urban Transition Focus’’, which can be considered as the new service area where the public structures are concentrated and immediately at the border of the rural share. The last one is the Rural Landscape Focus, which remains on the axis reaching the Ergene, with the sustainability of the natural values ​​of the region and the uncontrolled urban growth to be avoided.

In the design of the recreation area constructed on the spine formed by the focal points, the activities and the use of the green space are designed according to the characteristics of the focus. The aim of this design process is to design a natural city park that contributes to the city in the future scenario by preserving two important characteristics of Tosbaga River and making it a design element.

Urban Park, which stands out with its characteristic that divides and connects the city, has formed parts connected to the new city from the old city at certain points. An integrated recreation area within the transport network is intended to be designed.


The rising pollution problem of the Ergene River due to uncontrolled and unconscious industrialization posed a serious threat to Lüleburgaz. For this reason, Tosbağa Creek is not only a recreation area design element, but also a wetland area fiction between the Ergene River and Tosbağa Creek for a qualified water cycle. In order to provide a more qualified structure on the nature scale, it is aimed that the water is recovered through herbal treatment and returned to nature.


Lüleburgaz is a part of a city separated from a large green system. The place of agricultural production is very important. However, water contamination has threatened the area over time. Also, although it is located on the Trakya Vineyard Route, viniculture is not owned by a few monopolized and commercialized entities. For this reason, it is important to adapt the agricultural values ​​to urban life in the design of Tosbaga River Recreation Area. The vineyard gardens which are opened to the public and the edible garden design formed with the vision of understanding the soil and contacting with the soil as an important element of the design.

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