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Architecture | Competition

2020, Izmir
total design area : 142.000 m²

'Transfer centers are privileged urban structures because they are both produced by movement and places that produce movement.'
The concept of 'movement' has been questioned since the existence of man, has changed throughout the historical process until today, and has different meanings depending on the context in which it is discussed. When viewed from the context of daily habits and needs, the concept of 'movement' is defined as 'displacement' in its most basic form when associated with architecture. The concept of movement on an urban scale is associated with the concept of transportation, that is, 'journey', which is an important carrier of urban life along with modernization and industrialization. According to Simmel (1996)
Urban life, shaped by the change and transformation created by modern thought in daily life, is literally built on the reorganization of time and movement. In its simplest form, this journey organization consists of a start and end, that is, a destination. Increasing market needs with industrialization and modernization, migration towards cities and structural sprawl have led to integrated transportation at the point of connecting city parts with each other.
systems and thus the organization of the concept of travel evolved into a system of networks.
In this system, the user aims to reach his destination in the fastest and most effective way through one or more transfer points throughout his journey from one point to another. These transfer points do not always offer seamless integration because they involve two or more different motion systems. The breaking points, or stopping points, of the starting and ending journey process can be defined as transfer centers. The conceptual basis of this project is to design the breaking points in the journey process and reveal their potential. When designing the 'pause' leg of the start-pause-finish process, the main motivation is to move this in-betweenness, which has now turned into time with spacelessness, to a productive and potential point for the user. Transfer structures that become centers by allowing multiple transfers have the potential to become breaking points. These places that are passed through or expected are included in the place.

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