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Architecture | Consept Design

2020, Mugla
total design area : 500 m²

Milas House is located in a fairy-tale land among ancient olive trees due to the natural aura of the land. For this reason, the two separate houses desired were designed as masses that were integrated into the land as if they had always been there. Two masses, one designed as the main house and the other as a guest house, have the chance to be side by side and unaware of each other. These two masses, which come together in common open spaces when desired and retreat into their own shells when not desired, are blended with the region's own natural stone and wood.
Thanks to the plans produced with a Feng-Shui consultant, this house, which includes ancient knowledge and eastern philosophy, also establishes a connection with the fairytale land where it is located.
Plans produced with the main purpose of being open, flexible, comfortable and in touch with nature offer the same potential in section.

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