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Architecture | Competition

2021, Portugal
total design area : 400 m²

It is the empty space which makes a bowl useful.

What works as a window is the gap in the wall. What makes objects useful is what they don't have.

Lao Tzu

Energy, which is the most important problem of our day that attracts the most attention to raise awareness and needs to be solved, is one of the areas where humanity shows good will for recycling. The Scada building, which will be located in the middle of a solar energy field, offers not only a management office due to its functional rarity and temporal phenomenon, but also an experience space for this energy transformation and information production. For this reason, while it is an architecturally privileged building, it is also an object of desire as an architectural product. The singular anatomy of its location provides a dramatic background to this structure, strengthening its ability to be an object of desire simply by virtue of being there. For this reason, it does not need to show off, its simplicity is the strongest motivation for its existence.

Data Language as a Duality
The processability of data in the process of transforming it into information is achieved by translating it into data language. The anatomy of language is about perception and converting data into signs. Data language is a mechanism of mathematical signs represented by 1 and 0. In mathematics, existence is represented by 1 and absence or emptiness is represented by 0. The reason why it uses this binary-based language is that it has a system based on responding to a very simple exist-existent need. These concepts; which can be called being and not being, existence and non-existence, fullness and emptiness.
They are dualities. Non-existence without existence, existence without non-existence cannot be represented or found meaning. While defining dialectics, Hegel argues that reaching the knowledge of existence can be achieved through reasoning using opposites, and that existence can be defined within this opposition. He states that reality is hidden in a kind of cause-effect relationship and can only be analyzed through dialectics. Everything in nature and the universe


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