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Architecture | Design | Construction | Completed

2021, Istanbul TR
total design area : 1500 m²

In the design approaches adopted in the nursery project produced on parcels 14-15 in Girne District of Maltepe district, first of all, the building has a pedestrian entrance from Narlıdere Street in terms of accessibility, and in addition, the entrance of the building located on the same facade is ensured to be accessible and safe for users aged 3-6. The parking lot, which is separated from the entrance area by a garden wall, is planned to be used by turning from Narlıdere street to the street west of the project area. Within the project parcel, an open playground was placed in the area adjacent to Evliya Çelebi primary school. While side functions such as the entrance, administrative units, event area, and dining area are located on the north facade, the workshop-classroom units that will be used most frequently are located in the south-southwest directions.

In the ground floor plan scheme, there is a security unit, an infirmary, and a lecture hall-activity area near the entrance, while classrooms and service units are separated from each other by a corridor separating the entire building. Thus, children were made to feel like they were in their private space. In addition to the main entrance in the north direction, the kitchen and technical volume can be opened directly to the outside. An additional exit overlooking the playground in the south of the parcel is also located on the ground floor. The amphitheater and event area, which has a gallery space on two floors at the entrance, is designed to be flexible enough to host many potential events.

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