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Architecture | Competition

2021, Portugal
total design area : 400 m²

Yoga is a philosophy that passes through simplicity and serenity, where the mind, body and soul come together harmoniously in a whole. It is an ancient teaching. From the non-dualist point of view, yoga offers an approach that teaches to surrender and accept flow, rather than being a control mechanism over the mind or body. It makes us draw our own limits., seeks the best in it and invites to push our boundaries or accept the boundary at the point you see. Real control is trust in nature. Based on this understanding, the project is a product of the search for simplicity within the given limits. For this reason, it settles on the land as a single monolithic mass. Respecting the fact that the area where it is located is a part of nature, it tries to liken its own nature to it.


Nature has been a source of life for humans since prehistoric times. For this reason, the contact with nature, the state of being with nature has always been good for the human being. Yoga practice, which we can call a journey to the source of life, set out with a motivation that embraces nature as much as possible in such a field. This structure, which allows use as fully open, semi-open or closed according to the user's requirements, has developed this tactic in order to adapt to it in the flow of nature. Thanks to this tactic, which also provides a natural ventilation opportunity, the building almost inhale and exhale. Choosing the main material as wood is actually another adaptation tactic and a contribution to environmental sustainability.


The structure, which takes the responsibility of being one with nature and giving back what it has taken from it, aims to solve the most critical problems of today, energy efficiency and sustainability.The idea of a holistic zen garden, which is considered as a socialization platform besides spatial sustainability, starts from the entrance area and ends with the sunset garden at the end of the building.

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