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Nokta #35 is about ‘understanding the place’. Considering the natural data and structural data of the area, a fiction was created by acting with the values ​​belonging to the space. ‘Buffer zone’ is designed by establishing a close relationship with different levels of area and strengthening of the relationship between these regions. A strong ramp design and a cover line, an axis in the design and the functional areas of the project site are located on this axis. The functions area for different users continues throughout the area, integrated into each other around the main square and recreation area. The separation of the spaces from each other is regulated by ramping systems that provide continuous and unobstructed access throughout the area by arranging the natural elevations of the area.


Various data of the area were taken into account to guide the design of the square and public open space and to develop the appropriate approach. The topography data of the area were investigated and the slope potentials were determined. As a water element of the dried stream axis passing through the land, it became a part of the park. The project area is in a position to connect four different regions. For the transition to the zones, the inter-class integration of the secondary axles available was examined. Rational axis are protected by taking into account user habits. After the entry points to the field and the in-field axes were determined, zoning decisions were made according to functional differences. The areas determined according to the functions are like as; Sports activity area, playground, activity area and buffer passage area. The system, which integrates all these zoning and axis decisions in an integrated way, is constructed with a gridal system. In order to be close to the market area and the gym, it was decided to place the car park in the south west of the gym. As the ‘omurga’ of the project area, a strong axis design has been adopted to provide a north-south connection.


Prefabricated system is preferred in the design of architectural units. While the steel structure is the general skeleton of these units, layers of the structure have been formed with auxiliary units. The building shell is designated as water resistant gypsum board, and it is preferred as a wooden deck material on the floor for the units recommended to use the terrace. Designed to be created in the spaces within the designed area, the use of indoor space designs that can be converted into public space. With this approach, prefabricated units produced in 4mx4m dimensions can be combined in various combinations and in different locations and can be moved to other functions if needed. These architectural reinforcement units designed to meet the needs of public space and park are approximately 800 m² in total. The functional variations of the units are as follows; restrooms and masjid, buffet, cafe, countertop, box office and information, workshop units.

The usage functions were determined for the users who will come to Karabağlar Square. The spatialization fictions of the field began to mature and transitions played an active role in bringing together the masses of users in different typologies.

The wall, which was left unproductive on the east side of the car park, was transformed as a climbing wall. Thus, this unused space is integrated into the gym with an appropriate function with minimal scale intervention. There are various sports activities on the area outside the sports hall and sports fields in the southwest of the hall. In the area defined as recreation area, activities such as meditation, yoga and pilates were designed. It is also designed for running track and cycling path.


Urban / Landscape / Recreation / Competition

2017, İzmir TR

total design area : 42.000 m²

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