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Architecture | Mixed - use | Design | Competition

2018, Çanakkale TR

total design area : 28.286 m²

Surrounded by public spaces and serving public use, the first move in building design is to respond to needs. However, it is the main goal of this situation to develop from the 'paradigm of need' to the urban and its environment. In the case of reproduction of place, the continuity of the daily activities of the user and their enrichment is inevitable. However, the new addition must clearly state in the context and original fiction of its surroundings. Creating spaces that support human relations is the subject of  sustainable building approach in architecture and it is a matter that the designer should worry about to prevent the predictable conflict of nature and man in the future. In this context, structure design decisions were made by considering the upper and lower scales and spatial patterns were enriched with these decisions.

The project area Surrounded by Cumhuriyet Square, the Public Garden and Muammer Aksoy Parks, has the potential for public use is very high. In the general approach, a stance that connects these areas and leaks the axles containing the potential into the structure has been exhibited. Cumhuriyet Square is connected to the 'Barış Avlusu', which works as  an urban foyer as created at the upper elevation with an inviting and complementary. Thus, the use of public at different levels was provided. In the vertical and horizontal accessibility, the user is provided with more ergonomic usage. The ground level of the building is provided by penetration from three public walls and provided permeability and access. In spatial constructs, both the users of the structure, the people who are constantly in the structure and the people who want to benefit from the public space are presented. It is adopted that the public space gain value as long as the public space is related to the user needs and diversified with the easy access of the pedestrian, disabled and bicyclist to the area and the structure.

Although the project area is located at the center of the city center and is located in a highly structured area, being surrounded by public spaces such as parks and squares is seen as the most important potential of the area. Contrary to the present situation, this area, which is re-produced to reveal its potential together with its environment; It is intended to serve as a neutral, accessible, high-level base supporting individuals' coexistence. This system, which lies between the Muammer Aksoy park and the Republic Square and which extends to the public garden, has an organized and characteristic urban space against the rationality of the structure and the density of environmental construction.

The public garden was infiltrated into the space and it was planned to support the use of open space programs such as children's playground, recreation area and activity square. Lise Avenue, which undermines this system due to vehicle passage and parking lot, has been pedestrianized and included in public space. As a decision to support the pedestrian access movement on the upper scale, Eski Hükümet Street was also pedestrianized and access to the shore was provided to open the way for access to the coast. With these environmental decisions, it is aimed to reach the current state implicit potential to a higher level and proposed an approach where publicity is both read, experienced and leaked to the structure.

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