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Interior Design | Retail | Brand Concept | Construction​

2019, Ankara TR

total design area : 90 m²

Beyyoglu Brand concept project design has been prepared by prioritizing brand's target audience and fashion approach. First, the circulation model is designed for the plan scheme. Material and texture variations are created on the ground and vertical planes for the remaining areas. In the choice of materials and space design, light beige and white tones are used. In the shop designed with a nominative design approach, tissue differentiation is provided by using the same tones in different materials.

Combined floral elements are used both on walls and horizontally as objects.
Auxiliary units are designed as modular units in order to use the elements to be reshaped together with the general decor.

The lighting and seating elements used black to contrast with light tones in the store. In addition to this contrast, indoor plants were used and these plants were supported with accessories that would be compatible with the general concept of the store.

The concept decisions of this pilot project, designed to create the chain store of Beyyoglu brand, are adapted to the stores in different typologies and are designed with reproducible design elements.

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